Gita Diani Astari is my full name, and people I know usually call me Gita. I come from Bandung, Indonesia, and I’m very much interested in Japanese entertainment like the music, manga, anime, and dorama. Yes, I am a fan-girl. Don’t be surprised if you see a different (a really, really different) side of me when I’m watching (or even just talking about) something I’m interested in. I can be as hyper as a child with a lollipop can be.

Depsite the fact that I don’t speak very well (I really can’t quite say what I mean when I’m talking with another person at times), I like to write. I have another blog in English which is http://gitadine.livejournal.com, but I rarely post there… My blog is really http://gitadine.blogspot.com where I talk about anything, really, but it’s in Indonesian language so you may not understand it.

It’s not like it’s so important like your life depends on it that you have to read it anyway. Hahahahahah.


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